Saturday, 30 September 2017

Disappointment , despair & despondency

The Arian Silver results were & are a slap in the face for shareholders .
Why the BOD have not drilled the Salars deeper is anyone`s guess . Usual share price movements will see this share gradually continue it`s slide towards 0p .
Unfortunately , as an Optimist and a believer in the acreage I shall have to sit & hold whilst nursing the current losses made .

Ncondezi Energy on the other hand has done us pretty well in the last few weeks moving up from 3 to 5p levels . This momentum that began at about 1.5p will continue , given appropriate funding.

As for the rest of Our portfolio , little of Interest has occurred .
Tremors  in All have been mild and not devastating . Pathfinder Minerals has been promoted to favourite as to first for Great News .

Aortech will follow and we continue to build a strong stake in the Elasteon/ Biomerics  story

  Have a great weekend


Friday, 8 September 2017

Making YOU Money 09/09/2017

Aortech                3K
BSP                      3K
Rurelec                 1K
Pathfinder             1K
Ncondezi               2K
Arian                     1K

  Of Disappointment is the disappearance of BSP in the portfolio this week . Let`s hope that $20 million euro deal goes through as promised .

  That aside Aortech is looking ultra positive and with Eddie ( former director) adding to his tally .    Plus all the good news still anticipated , the £1 looks very achievable . Before Yuletide .

  The bottom pairing have slight positive momentum . But , anything could happen over the next few weeks . So All remain firmly ensconced until further orders .

  The Bull market is still Intact despite gold break from $1300 .

Best of Luck All


Sunday, 27 August 2017

Just for Steve 27/08/17

Apologies to Steve . If you will note , I used the suffix Metro Baltic 2 .
This was describing Aortech International , as a similar case to Metro Baltic Horizons .

No news will come from Ronan and the Board until Christmas time and the accounts issue update.

Apologies again for any error in this mistaken identity .


Both Aortech & Metro Baltic should see us Ok in the long run .


Saturday, 26 August 2017

DO NOT miss out on Aortech 26/08/2017

Aortech                3K
BSP                      3K
Rurelec                 1K
Pathfinder             1K
Ncondezi               2K
Arian                     1K

  Great news for Ncondezi adds to the optimism for my group of shareholdings.
Aortech follows the usual path of news spike then fall back . Around 15p to 18p this is a huge bargain .
Post the last RNS , which was informative for a few details being absent , for those that have studied this company probably a little too intently . Although we have to wait for November for the main news on the court case result ( maybe beyond ) . Personally I shall be continually adding to my Aortech International stake .

The other three in the group have been misfiring and are more expectation based .

   Best of Luck All and happy Investing ,


Friday, 18 August 2017

Hoorah For Bill & Aortech International

Aortech                3K
BSP                      3K
Rurelec                 1K
Pathfinder             1K
Ncondezi               2K
Arian                     1K

 Great news for Aortech / ElastEon / Metro Baltic Horizons 2 .
More indubitably will follow in the oncoming months . Keep adding to your Aortech tally .This year could end up being a good one after all . As far as Our targets are concerned.
Little else has entertained us this week , except Mr Trump & Brentry .


Friday, 11 August 2017

Making YOU Money 12/08/2017

News at BSP seems to hint at good times ahead . Patience pays.
Some other shares in the portfolio have been stirred and not yet shaken .
Little signs of a downtrend in the market for a few weeks ,one assumes this is not the real pullback but a minor hiccough on our way .
Have a great week All .


Saturday, 5 August 2017

Making YOU Money 05/08/2017

 Well It`s been a dreary time for my own personal shares . The Del Amitri song applies to the last few weeks / months .

Aortech                2K
Rurelec                1K
Pathfinder            1K
Clear Leisure       1K
Ncondezi              2K
Arian                    1K

    A positive note has been the continued case of Churchill Mining . This week`s pledge news has been Interesting to say the least , and that the Investors here seem to be Intent on getting some return for their money.  Which In my mind would only be fair for all  . Anything above money back at this point , would be a good result .
  Disappointingly little news from Ronan at Metro Baltic , maybe one day the payout will come .

  Until that day we have to sit and wait for our next uptick .Will it ever come ? Come on Mr Reid , Kenny can`t be that elusive !

  I have read through my 2034 estimate posts and still have confidence that the market is still on it`s upward trajectory . Albeit the expected large bump should be with us soon .
Do not be fooled by the Doomster euphoria in still a long long way off . Book values are still well within bounds and Libor rates , although above 1% for the one month have reached nowhere near troublesome level alert time . Hold them shares .

 Best of Luck with All your decisions .


Sunday, 23 July 2017

Hisham Osman . A Recommendation 23/07/2017

  Cancer can be an end or a beginning . Thanks to Hisham Osman  & his team , my partner in crime now has a good chance for the latter . Albeit a work in progress .
  Having been taken through from the original diagnoses to the current point ( cancer free ). One can only admire the dedication of nurses and surgeons at Frimley Trust .
Being  a Nurse , my partner can be a somewhat obdurate patient at times .That remains a work under construction . Now having become one breast free  ,decisions remain to be finalised for the future , thank goodness she has a brightened future thanks to Mr Osman et Al .

  The Saga ;

    1 .A visit to the Head of Department Mr Laidlaw was informative And the bolt from the blue , lymph nodes and the Big C . Albeit the lettter had subtle clues.

     2  Lumpectomy : All being performed by Hisham Osman & Team

     3 Mastectomy  : All being performed by Hisham Osman & Team

     4 Draining & Recovery ( ongoing)  : All being performed by Hisham Osman & Team .

 Firstly a mention for a mention for the Under rated  personable anaesthesia specialists . Whom performed more than  admirably during the both  operations .

 Finally , Mr Osman whom has maintained warmth and friendliness , throughout the whole process .
His skill and willingness to listen should  be a quality , all doctors should & can aspire too .


Saturday, 15 July 2017

Making YOU Money 15/07/2017

Well the last month has thrown up little surprises thus far . The trend upward continues unabated ,if somewhat sedate .
Most welcome return of Black Sea Property to the portfolio , at 3K an extremely large miss .
Today`s list ;
  BSP 3K
  Pathfinder 2K
  Aortech 1.5K
  Rurelec 1K
  Clear Leisure 1K
  Reabold & NCCL 1K
  + Unlisted Others

We have been unfortunate enough to miss the current UKOG rise , cash constraints apply .
But , the current upswing especially in Pathfinder gives mammoth hope . Ditto yet another small tick up in Aortech and a new Investor in James Ede Golightly ( Interesting ) .
With BSP we are hoping the money raise concludes successfully , time will reveal .
If you have cash adding Herencia at .035 - .04 may prove lucrative in the short term . As with NCCL which looks to have broken the 3p spell and be heading for a sharp re-rate .

On a personal note the last few months have been Ultra tough & We are hoping for good news and a return to tranquillity very very soon . Everything double crossed for a good result for My Own Personal Angel .


Saturday, 24 June 2017

Arian Silver or Reabold Resources whom to follow ?

Our success with Kodal Minerals in the past was achieved by a bit of good studying .
Therefore the two little companies mentioned above are very likely to also turn from minnow to guppy in the next few months. ( Tank requirements. Guppies and most minnows have very similar requirements. You can keep either in a 20-gallon aquarium, though guppies will be fine in a tank as small as 10 gallons. Both fish should be kept in groups of at least six.)

Arian has the most upside of the two , the possibilities of the Zacatecas  area are becoming Increasingly well known . One should be very confident of good grades here . If they have researched their plans appropriately , something the Arian BOD have seldom executed in the past . There may also be some value in the old silver workings they own , Although only Navidad seems to be worthy of a bit more Interest .

Reabold Resources also has lithium possibility . But the Mogul Ventures link caught my eye on this One .

My Advice ..... Invest in both for One is sure to flourish , eventually .

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Naibu Global / Sorbic / China Food , are the filthy still alive ?

22nd June 2017 

Naibu Global International Company plc (or "the Company") 

Press release

Shareholder Update

The Board of Naibu Global Investment Company Plc ("Naibu" or "the Company") wishes to update shareholders as follows. 

Since its last announcement on 10 December, 2016, the Board of Naibu, which now comprises Giles Elliott, David Thomas and Stephen Cheung (the "Board" or the "NEDs"), has been pursuing a number of initiatives, which are detailed below. 

Numerous attempts have been made to contact Lin Huoyan and Lin Congdeng, who were the Chinese Executive Directors of the Company (the "Chinese Directors"), without success.  Neither individual has responded to any approach, and neither are traceable via any of the addresses which they have supplied to the Board in the past.  Lin Huoyan has, however, responded to legal notices issued through a newspaper advertisement (see below), but he is effectively hiding his residential address from the Board, making it very difficult to serve him with legal documentation.  Consequently, the Chinese Directors have now been removed from the Board of Naibu. 

In order to take control of Naibu's underlying businesses, the Board proceeded to initiate actions to take control of Naibu (H.K) International Investment Limited ("Naibu HK"), the intermediate holding company and 100% subsidiary of Naibu, registered in Hong Kong and of Naibu China Limited ("Naibu China"), the underlying Chinese subsidiary, registered in the People's Republic of China ("PRC") and 100% owned by Naibu HK.  In February 2015, the Board passed a resolution removing Lin Huoyan, Lin Congdeng and Lin Zhenzhi (Lin Huoyan's sister and Lin Congdeng's wife) from the Board of Naibu HK and appointing the NEDs to the Board of Naibu HK.

Chinese litigation

In June 2015, as required under the laws of the PRC ("PRC Law"), the NEDs, through Naibu HK, issued legal proceedings in China to remove Lin Huoyan, Lin Congdeng and Lin Zhenzhi, as directors of Naibu China.  During the course of this litigation, representations were made to the Chinese Courts, by parties associated with Lin Huoyan, that Naibu HK no longer wished to proceed with the litigation on the basis that Lin Huoyan was now in control of Naibu HK.  This assertion, however, was a result of Lin Huoyan, or parties associated with him, filing forged papers with the Hong Kong Companies Registry, purporting that the NEDs had resigned as directors from Naibu HK and Lin Huoyan had reappointed himself as a director of Naibu HK.  As a result, and to correct the forged filings, the NEDs also initiated litigation in Hong Kong, the details of which are set out below.  This litigation has in turn delayed the litigation in China.  The Chinese Court has now ruled in favour of Naibu HK, and the Board is now taking steps to take full control of the Chinese subsidiary.  Under PRC Law, the Court is required to give Lin Huoyan notice of this judgement, which they have done by newspaper advertisement, and Lin Huoyan is allowed a period in which to appeal.  This period is now over, and the Board are now requesting that the Court issue an order for new Naibu China chops (official stamps) to be issued, and to put the changes to the officers of Naibu China into effect.  Once this has been completed, the Board will approach Naibu China's bankers and other relevant authorities in China to obtain Naibu China's records and bank statements.  This will enable the Board to determine what assets, if any, remain in Naibu China, and where the Company's cash has been spent.  If the Board finds that the Chinese Directors, Lin Zhenzhi or other persons have defrauded the Company, they will pass the records to the Chinese police authorities.  Once the Board has obtained full access to the records of Naibu China, it will also review the merits of bringing any legal action against the Chinese Directors, Lin Zhenzhi or other persons.

Diplomatic initiatives

In its last update, the Board referred to various approaches which it had made to the British Embassy in Beijing, and to various officials in Fujian province.  These initiatives continue to be pursued, but unfortunately have proved ineffective to date.

 Hong Kong litigation

As noted above, the NEDS have taken legal action in Hong Kong to remedy the attempt by Lin Huoyan to reappoint himself to the board of Naibu HK.  However, the Hong Kong Court, decided to allow Lin Huoyan an opportunity to present himself to the court in Hong Kong and to explain himself, which he has to date declined to do.  The Hong Kong Court also required the NEDs to give notice to Lin Huoyan to enable him to attend the Hong Kong Court, which as explained above, has proved extremely difficult.  This process is continuing, and is likely to take several more weeks to resolve, as the Hong Kong Court has now accepted that notice can be served on Lin Huoyan by newspaper advertisement in the PRC.  The Board are confident it will be resolved in their favour, but it has taken and continues to take a very long time to put into effect because of both the notice requirements of the Hong Kong Court, and because of the deliberate evasiveness of the Chinese Directors, in particular Lin Huoyan.  

UK litigation

The NEDs have been examining the possibility of making a legal claim for professional negligence against certain of the various professional advisers who were involved at the time of the floatation.  The NEDs have appointed PGB Gitlin Baker, Solicitors, a specialist City commercial litigation firm, to investigate the merits of such an action, and we have been advised that viable legal causes of action exist.  The Board intend to pursue the matter robustly and to the fullest extent possible. The loss is substantial.  Naibu's shareholder funds amounted to approximately £150 million in September 2015, which now appear to have been dissipated. 

The Board will provide shareholders with a further update as events unfold.

Giles Elliott
David Thomas
Stephen Cheung


Naibu Global Plc 

Giles Elliott
Tel: +44 (0) 7557 099 246

Abchurch (Financial PR)

Julian Bosdet / Alejandra Campuzano
Tel: +44 (0)20 7398 7741


Whether this gives hope for the other Chinese listed companies that were so oft disappearing from trace only time will tell .
Sorbic International
.LED Internmational 
China Food Company 

To name  , But a few . But too many shareholders , disaster & despair .

Perhaps the recent developments of China A shares being cast into the MSCI net , has improved the prospect of the Chinese Authorities actually showing some control over their company directors .
This space is being watched with much Interest .Is it possible that China will one day have decent regulation ?

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Why not Reabold Resources ?

  1. 16. 16 OORTSOG OVOO DEPOSIT • A significant historical body of exploration work exists on Oortsog Ovoo • 41 holes were drilled on the three zones depicted • A significant trenching program of 207 trenches was also conducted • Rock chip samples taken by Mogul also had high grades of copper ranging as high as 1.5%, 3% and over 6% • A total of eight mineralized zones have been identified, three of which have had a significant amount of exploration work • There is excellent potential for expanding resources through exploring the zones that have not seen limited work to date as well as areas in between zones
  2. 17. 17 GROUND MAGNETICS PROGRAM 1km 1km North Zone Middle Zone Central Zone Eastern Zone South-Eastern Zone Magnetic Intrusive? • TheVertical Gradient image above shows a strong linear dipole anomaly is associated with the three main segments which comprise the Northern Zone, which has been delineated to date by trenching and drilling over 1.2km of strike length. 0.5km • The Company contracted a detailed ground magnetic survey in June, 2013 covering a 3.5km by 4km area. • The RTP results (above) shows a significant number of magnetic anomalies were detected; many anomalies correlate with known zones while some require follow-up.
  3. 18. 18 2013 WORK PROGRAMS • Mogul conducted a 1,500 meter confirmation drill program in October of 2013 • The program focused only on the Eastern zone and a segment of the Northern zone of the system.These areas had the most detailed historical exploration with the resulting potential for rapid resource confirmation/delineation and near-term development • The program’s main objectives were: • Parallel drill (twin) select historic holes to confirm and correlate accuracy of historic work • Drill vertical and horizontal step out holes to delineate mineralized zones in detail • Conduct modern assays based on a +90% core recovery rates, which were achieved. This may result in an upside in tin grades compared to the historically reported resource average of 0.65% Sn • Improve the overall geological understanding of the deposits • Subsequent to this program, we believe that either the Northern or Eastern zone can be targeted for rapid exploration and development Photo: Drill rigs at the Eastern Zone of Oortsog Ovoo, magnetite core from drilling
  4. 19. 19 2013 WORK PROGRAMS • Drill core logs generally showed a good correlation in lithology, thickness and depth of orebody intersects where historical holes were twinned • Core from two drill holes were assayed so far with the following results: • DH# 1W intersected 81.6m averaging 0.63% Sn, with all samples >0.1% • DH# 70Q intersected 34.7m averaging 0.55% Sn, with all samples >0.1% • DH# 70Q was a twin hole for historic DH# 70 and compares favorably with the historically reported 56m averaging 0.47% Sn • The tin mineralization is associated with magnetite skarn with wide intervals of >20% Fe • The program generally confirms historical work on the sections of the deposits drilled in this program • It served to boost our confidence in historic work and ability to rely on it for further exploration, resource delineation and engineering work Northern Zone Eastern Zone
  5. 20. 20 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES EXPLORATION AND FEASIBILITYWORK • Confirm, expand and delineate resources focusing on the Northern and Eastern Zones • Metallurgical testing • Resource modelling and engineering work • Develop a PFS or BFS based on the most advanced mineralized zones by end of Q1 2015 FASTTRACK DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION • Mogul already has a Mining License • Pursuant to feasibility work, a small scale 500 tpd open pit operation can be built by Q4 2015 EXPANSION • Expand production from 500 tpd to 2,000 tpd within the next 2-3 years • Conduct additional exploration to increase resources at Oortsog Ovoo with the goal of making it a +100 kt of contained tin project with additional credits for other metals • Look at acquisition opportunities aimed at consolidating and growing Mongolia’s tin sector
  6. 21. 21 TIMELINE Jun-14 Jul-14 Aug-14 Sep-14 Oct-14 Nov-14 Dec-14 Jan-15 Feb-15 Mar-15 Geochemistry for Drilling Program Planning for 2014 Work Program PQ Diamond Drilling for Metallurgy Blasting and Trenching - Bulk Sample for Metallurgy Preliminary Metallurgical Testing NQ drillilng for Deposit Confirmation Geophysics Resource Modelling Additional Metallurgy and Process Design Mine and Site Engineering, Economic Study Environmental Baseline Feasibility Study 2014 2015 Item
  7. 22. 22 COAL PROJECT • Mogul’s license also contains a large coal system consisting of two deposits: Ovdog Hudag and Ikh Ulaan Nuur • Ovdog Hudag has a NI 43-101 Resource Estimate and Report by SRK Consulting which found: • Estimated Inferred Resources - 89.6 Mt* of Thermal Coal • 8 coal seams recognized – 4 fully mineable, 2 partially • Average Gross Calorific value – 5,636 to 6,431 kcal/kg (daf)* • Ovdog Hudag coal deposit historical resources, based on Russian drilling from the ‘60s and ‘70s, using a Russian Classification system and based on >85 drill holes: • 1968: C1+C2 resources totalling 201.2 Mt*1 • 1970: B+C1+C2 resources totalling 168.2 Mt*1 • Ikh Ulaan-Nuur coal deposit is located 7km NNE of Ovdog Hudag and was defined by Russian drilling in the ‘60s and ‘70s • 1970:A+B+C1+C2 resources totalling 86.4 Mt*1 • Excellent potential for additional coal resources to be delineated in the undrilled area between Ovdog Hudag and Ikh Ulaan-Nuur • Open pit accessible coal resources with expected low strip ratio * Ovdog Hudag Coal Deposit – NI43-101 Report by SRK Consulting, June 30, 2012 *1 SRK Consulting External Technical memo, May 28, 2011; “Technical Report on the Coal Resources of the Ovdog Hudag Coal Deposit Dundgovi Province, Mongolia” prepared by Flora Tungalag

So , Mogul Ventures Corp  & the new Spain acquisition.
Things may well get Interesting.
Good luck All