Saturday, 2 December 2017

Glory Birthday 02/11/2017

Churchill is back , Hoorah you may utter ."Oh dear " I reply it has returned at a nominal value .Many days will pass before any chance of profit will be accrued . Hope remains eternal etc .........

As for Aoretch International being right is nice , making profit is essential . Keep buying the trend is in reverse and £1 is achievable . Buy MORE .....

Pathfinder seems to be that good news will out here also .With shareholders adding at 1.3p one should be highly suspicious . Caution needed . But I recommend hold here .

A good week All in All .

Happy Birthday to Glory & Have a great weekend All .

Friday, 24 November 2017

Splendid Aortech / Yiangos & Making YOU Money 25/11/2017

Yiangos ,

We have great news in the offing at Aortech . Thus have continually been accretive of shares .
This weeks news does not spell it out emphatically but gives clear Indication that the Court Case has been agreed . Over $2 million is a given . More would be pleasurable .
Then of course we can concentrate on monetising Aortech`s other hidden patents , Of which Elasteon has huge value , given time .
Over £1 will be broached .

Good to see Off Market Oxus may settle by 2020 . Closely followed by Churchill .
These long running court battles have been very unprofitable for us thus far .

Pathfinder Minerals and the wait for General Agreement has also been a yearly saga .That has now been more than 5 years in the offing . Will the sun ever rise again ?

Aortech        4K
Path              1K
BSP              3K
Churchill      3K
MBH            3K
Other            2K

This is the SUM total of all our owned shares .  Including most of the off market ones .

  Best of Luck All


Friday, 10 November 2017

Making YOU Money 11/11/2017

Great news , all loans and other such debt has been cleared finally .
What we are left with is just three shares of any note , on the market .
They Are
Aortech International .    3K
Pathfinder Minerals         2K
Arian Silver .                    1K
BSP                                   3K

Of course there are the off market shares to keep us amused .

Note an Update by Metro Baltic Horizons (due soon ) ;

I am expecting a final settlement of above 22p including the 4p dividend from last year`s residue & court case costs .
Do Not let the side down please Ronan & Barnaby .
Mr Kenny & Co owe us BIG .

Churchill Mark 2

April 11, 2017 The Secretary-General registers an application for annulment of the award filed by Churchill Mining Plc and Planet Mining Pty Ltd, and notifies the parties of the provisional stay of enforcement of the award.
May 15, 2017 The ad hoc Committee is constituted in accordance with Article 52(3) of the ICSID Convention. Its members are: Dominique Hascher (French), President; Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel (German); and Jean Kalicki (U.S.); all members appointed by the Chairman of the Administrative Council.
May 29, 2017 Churchill Mining Plc and Planet Mining Pty Ltd file a request to continue the stay of enforcement of the award.
June 12, 2017 The Republic of Indonesia files observations on Churchill Mining Plc and Planet Mining Pty Ltd’s request to continue the stay of enforcement of the award.
June 20, 2017 The ad hoc Committee holds a first session and a hearing on stay of enforcement by telephone conference.

The ad hoc Committee decides on the continuation of the stay of enforcement of the award.
June 27, 2017 The ad hoc Committee issues a decision on the continuation of the stay of enforcement of the award.
July 14, 2017 The ad hoc Committee issues Procedural Order No. 1 concerning procedural matters.
October 20, 2017 The Republic of Indonesia files a counter-memorial on annulment.


The market continues in the bull run .
Particular note should be made of the China market which is very very cheap ( long term ) . "3400"...


Saturday, 4 November 2017

Making YOU Money 04/11/2017

Aortech                3K
BSP                      3K
Rurelec                 1K
Pathfinder             3K
Oilex                     1K

The bull run continues , still some value shares at present . Although the list is ever diminishing .
Next year will be time to hunker down for a small storm . Possibly towards the year end 2018 or 2019.

An update from Metro Baltic would be welcome Ronan & Philip .
 Metro Baltic Horizons v James and ors

BSP continues to promise large gains .

Aortech is overdue a court case resolution as with Pathfinder too.

Rurelec we await Peter`s amazing offer . Get your legals ready Goodflyingduck

Oilex . I have spotted a trend reversal hopefully & Market cap discrepancies are still around .

The off market bunch still have not paid up and we continue to await news from LED , Tricor , Sorbic , Egpi , Rex Bionics and Enova Systems .

Have a great weekend All .

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Disappointment , despair & despondency

The Arian Silver results were & are a slap in the face for shareholders .
Why the BOD have not drilled the Salars deeper is anyone`s guess . Usual share price movements will see this share gradually continue it`s slide towards 0p .
Unfortunately , as an Optimist and a believer in the acreage I shall have to sit & hold whilst nursing the current losses made .

Ncondezi Energy on the other hand has done us pretty well in the last few weeks moving up from 3 to 5p levels . This momentum that began at about 1.5p will continue , given appropriate funding.

As for the rest of Our portfolio , little of Interest has occurred .
Tremors  in All have been mild and not devastating . Pathfinder Minerals has been promoted to favourite as to first for Great News .

Aortech will follow and we continue to build a strong stake in the Elasteon/ Biomerics  story

  Have a great weekend


Friday, 8 September 2017

Making YOU Money 09/09/2017

Aortech                3K
BSP                      3K
Rurelec                 1K
Pathfinder             1K
Ncondezi               2K
Arian                     1K

  Of Disappointment is the disappearance of BSP in the portfolio this week . Let`s hope that $20 million euro deal goes through as promised .

  That aside Aortech is looking ultra positive and with Eddie ( former director) adding to his tally .    Plus all the good news still anticipated , the £1 looks very achievable . Before Yuletide .

  The bottom pairing have slight positive momentum . But , anything could happen over the next few weeks . So All remain firmly ensconced until further orders .

  The Bull market is still Intact despite gold break from $1300 .

Best of Luck All


Sunday, 27 August 2017

Just for Steve 27/08/17

Apologies to Steve . If you will note , I used the suffix Metro Baltic 2 .
This was describing Aortech International , as a similar case to Metro Baltic Horizons .

No news will come from Ronan and the Board until Christmas time and the accounts issue update.

Apologies again for any error in this mistaken identity .


Both Aortech & Metro Baltic should see us Ok in the long run .



Update oncoming in November

Saturday, 26 August 2017

DO NOT miss out on Aortech 26/08/2017

Aortech                3K
BSP                      3K
Rurelec                 1K
Pathfinder             1K
Ncondezi               2K
Arian                     1K

  Great news for Ncondezi adds to the optimism for my group of shareholdings.
Aortech follows the usual path of news spike then fall back . Around 15p to 18p this is a huge bargain .
Post the last RNS , which was informative for a few details being absent , for those that have studied this company probably a little too intently . Although we have to wait for November for the main news on the court case result ( maybe beyond ) . Personally I shall be continually adding to my Aortech International stake .

The other three in the group have been misfiring and are more expectation based .

   Best of Luck All and happy Investing ,


Friday, 18 August 2017

Hoorah For Bill & Aortech International

Aortech                3K
BSP                      3K
Rurelec                 1K
Pathfinder             1K
Ncondezi               2K
Arian                     1K

 Great news for Aortech / ElastEon / Metro Baltic Horizons 2 .
More indubitably will follow in the oncoming months . Keep adding to your Aortech tally .This year could end up being a good one after all . As far as Our targets are concerned.
Little else has entertained us this week , except Mr Trump & Brentry .


Friday, 11 August 2017

Making YOU Money 12/08/2017

News at BSP seems to hint at good times ahead . Patience pays.
Some other shares in the portfolio have been stirred and not yet shaken .
Little signs of a downtrend in the market for a few weeks ,one assumes this is not the real pullback but a minor hiccough on our way .
Have a great week All .


Saturday, 5 August 2017

Making YOU Money 05/08/2017

 Well It`s been a dreary time for my own personal shares . The Del Amitri song applies to the last few weeks / months .

Aortech                2K
Rurelec                1K
Pathfinder            1K
Clear Leisure       1K
Ncondezi              2K
Arian                    1K

    A positive note has been the continued case of Churchill Mining . This week`s pledge news has been Interesting to say the least , and that the Investors here seem to be Intent on getting some return for their money.  Which In my mind would only be fair for all  . Anything above money back at this point , would be a good result .
  Disappointingly little news from Ronan at Metro Baltic , maybe one day the payout will come .

  Until that day we have to sit and wait for our next uptick .Will it ever come ? Come on Mr Reid , Kenny can`t be that elusive !

  I have read through my 2034 estimate posts and still have confidence that the market is still on it`s upward trajectory . Albeit the expected large bump should be with us soon .
Do not be fooled by the Doomster euphoria in still a long long way off . Book values are still well within bounds and Libor rates , although above 1% for the one month have reached nowhere near troublesome level alert time . Hold them shares .

 Best of Luck with All your decisions .


Sunday, 23 July 2017

Hisham Osman . A Recommendation 23/07/2017

  Cancer can be an end or a beginning . Thanks to Hisham Osman  & his team , my partner in crime now has a good chance for the latter . Albeit a work in progress .
  Having been taken through from the original diagnoses to the current point ( cancer free ). One can only admire the dedication of nurses and surgeons at Frimley Trust .
Being  a Nurse , my partner can be a somewhat obdurate patient at times .That remains a work under construction . Now having become one breast free  ,decisions remain to be finalised for the future , thank goodness she has a brightened future thanks to Mr Osman et Al .

  The Saga ;

    1 .A visit to the Head of Department Mr Laidlaw was informative And the bolt from the blue , lymph nodes and the Big C . Albeit the lettter had subtle clues.

     2  Lumpectomy : All being performed by Hisham Osman & Team

     3 Mastectomy  : All being performed by Hisham Osman & Team

     4 Draining & Recovery ( ongoing)  : All being performed by Hisham Osman & Team .

 Firstly a mention for a mention for the Under rated  personable anaesthesia specialists . Whom performed more than  admirably during the both  operations .

 Finally , Mr Osman whom has maintained warmth and friendliness , throughout the whole process .
His skill and willingness to listen should  be a quality , all doctors should & can aspire too .