Sunday, 20 May 2018

Rurelec , will Peter Prevail ?

Yes , is the simple answer .
As to most of Rurelec`s projects being on the   IPC website .
One can garner one`s own conclusion .
I feel about 8p would be a fair takeover pricing .
Our BOD may be wise to aim for more . If they ever stumble on the Arbitration fund win .
Thus far they seem determined to hide in obscurity .
The again with a name like Morris , this is hardly surprising .

   Best of All

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Aortech International . 2018 & Beyond

Biomerics and ATL Technology today announced they launched a joint venture to acquire Catheter Research, including its assets in Indianapolis and Costa Rica.
Catheter Research Inc manufactures interventional catheters, tube sets and other assemblies for medical devices, the companies said. The company has specific expertise in tube extrusion, catheter assembly and final FDA product packaging for sterilization, and also sells its own catheter line under the brand Thomas Medical.
“Through the addition of CRI, we are in a position to serve the medical device industry at an even higher level. This expansion of our global network offers numerous benefits to both national and international OEMs. Now, combining ATLs connector know-how with CRI’s catheter capabilities, we will make optimal use of our expertise and specialties relating to catheters and custom engineering in delivering a best-in-class product,” ATL CEO Brad Brown said in a prepared statement.
The companies said that existing employees at both of CRI’s facilities will work closely with ATL and Biomerics during integration, and that there are plans to expand CRI’s Costa Rica operations.
“This acquisition is consistent with Biomerics’ overall strategy to expand and invest in additional production and engineering capabilities to develop a global competitive advantage. CRI’s products and technology complement our current portfolio in the medical space and will broaden our product offering for suppliers around the world,” Biomerics CEO Travis Sessions said in a press release.

                                                                                                                   May 2018
We have the opportunity of putting past issues behind us and building on the core IP within the business. As part of this "fresh start", I am delighted to welcome Stockdale Securities as our new Nominated Adviser and broker and look forward to working with them to help AorTech reach its true potential.

Bill Brown, Chairman                                                                                                      11 December 2017
bbr391   20/05/2018

As far as we can determine Biomerics is now worth north of £35 million . Of which at least 10% can be ascribed to Aortech Or £1 per share and not today`s 50p .
There is also the little matter of the court case victory ( possibly £2million cash ).
 OR possible £2 per share

That said It is possible that a new way forward has been found by Bill & the team possible £5 - £20
It`s good to have a pipe dream for Elasteon ...................................

Friday, 18 May 2018

18/05/2018 Tomco comes good at long last

   Aortech          4K
   Tomco            2K
   Accrol            1K
   Carpetright     1K
   Rurelec          1K
   Pathfinder      1K
   BSP                3K
   CHL               1K
   IIP                  1K

 Many thanks to Tomco`s upswing we have added to the portfolio .
Also craw played a part .
And we have  diversified our shares " again ".

Now we need Bill & Biomerics to come good for us .

   Best of Luck All


Friday, 11 May 2018

Keeping up with Yiangos 12/05/2018

   Aortech       2K
   Tomco         2K
   Hvivo          1K
   Craw           1K
   BSP             3K
   CHL            1K
   IIP               1K

  Extremely disappointed we have missed the move in Arian . But Crawshaw has almost made up for the despondency .
  One or two other Irons seem to be sizzling gently off market , especially Churchill mining .
One hopes for good gains ahead on the above list .Especially Aortech & Tomco .

     Have a great weekend All bbr391

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Yiangos 28/04/2018

Today we have Nine Investments  ;  In order of Import

3 Aortech
3 Black Sea
2 Tomco
1 Crawshaw
1 Hvivo
1 Infra India
1 Premaitha
1 Clear Leisure
1 Avanti

 As we expect the market to continue the bullish behaviour for a few years yet , dips aside.
Gold remains a good buy and forget until retirement .
Oil , now at $70 is a little more difficult to predict . I shall assume that it should stabilise at $70-80 which gives most Oilers reasonable profit .
As you can see , we have kept to Our under ten target and remain within the 33% level . Bbr391 rules is rules .
Next time be sure to pick from the top or near the top of the pile .
Best of Luck Son .

     Gold or Silver / bbr391

Friday, 20 April 2018

Making YOU Money 21/04/2018

Well . well as usual the search for quick results have bought us quick disaster re Argos Therapeutics .
A costly mistake that will drop Our seasonal goal back to a lower level .
Hope remains at Aortech International & Others ;

  Aortech      4K
  BSP            3K
  Accrol        2K
  Tomco        1K
   PVG          1K
  Crawshaw  1K 

Plus Our Off market shares , still under negotiations .

The market fluctuations have still not ended .
Oil may be getting a little dizzy at $80 .
Gold the best place for novices still rangebound , may be less savoury . But the best place for the Ultra long termer writes bbr391.

    Have a great week All

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Tomco 21/04 2018

This little company retains huge possibilities.
Best kept in your portfolio :
When possible I shall keep adding in the hope that the technology works as planned .
Could take a few years for fruition , having been here about two already .
As usual with AIM companies we shall keep a very very close eye on the news .

Aortech Ditto , the wait continues .


Tuesday, 17 April 2018


In the beginning there was ;

3OIL                   1                                    
3GOL                 28
LALL                4.40
Persimmon        £20
GSK                  £14
HSBC                £4 .50

And today

3OIL                 1.23                              +23%
3GOL                25                                 -10%
LALL                5                                   +12%
Persimmon        20.50                             -10%
GSK                   14.50                            +16%
HSBC                 4.50                              +34%

Of course we have safety built in with the gold shares & three Goliaths .
One anticipates a certain amount of stabilisation in 3OIL for the next few months .
But, LALL will outperform from now all the others.
Two and a half years to go .

Good luck

And May


New note . SELL Persimmon ( AT 10% loss ). & Change to Tesco 09/10.16 @£2


3OIL          +40%
3GOL         -10%
LALL        + 12%
Tesco        +20%
GSK          +16%
HSBC        + 110%

New advice today , Sell all & hold gold . PHAU 20/04 2018 circa 128

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Making YOU Money 14/04/2018

  Aortech International    5K
  Accrol Holdings            4K
  Argos Therapeutics       1K
   BSP                               3K

 This week slight tumble due to cash realisation ......
 Besides that Aortech seems to have stabilised at 40p
  Accrol heads nicely north
   Ditto Argos .

 What next week brings , will be Interesting .
 Will Ronan ever let us out of the dark ?

    Happy trading All

Thursday, 12 April 2018


The Silver Institute

Silver Industrial Demand Rebounded in 2017; Min...

NEW YORK, April 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Industrial demand for silver, fueled by record photovoltaic growth, rose in 2017 for the first time since 2013. A stronger global economy led to healthy demand from the semi-conductor market, resulting in greater silver offtake in electrical and electronics applications as well as brazing alloys and solders. The jewelry and silverware sectors also experienced noteworthy gains in 2017. On the supply side, global mine supply fell for the second consecutive year, following an uninterrupted streak of 13 annual increases prior to 2016. Silver scrap supply, which has been in retreat since 2012, again registered a loss. These factors led to a tightening of the supply/demand balance, contributing to a physical deficit of 26 million ounces (Moz) in 2017, the fifth consecutive annual deficit.
These findings, along with other key segments of the silver market, are discussed in World Silver Survey 2018, released today by the Silver Institute and produced on its behalf by the GFMS Team at Thomson Reuters (GFMS).
Silver Industrial Demand
Global silver industrial fabrication demand returned to growth in 2017, increasing 4 percent to 599.0 Moz. This was the first rise in silver industrial fabrication since 2013. This growth was bolstered by another year of impressive photovoltaic demand, rising 19 percent in 2017, the result of a 24 percent increase in global solar panel installations. Brazing alloy and solder silver fabrication recorded a 4 percent annual rise to 57.5 Moz, boosted mainly by solid growth from China and Japan. 
The surge in electronics, most notably in semi-conductor fabrication demand, led to the electrical and electronics segments delivering the first annual increase in offtake in this category since 2010, with 242.9 Moz consumed last year. Silver demand for the production of ethylene oxide retreated by a third from 2016 volumes to 6.9 Moz, mostly due to a decline in new installations. GFMS estimates that silver's use in photography, which fell by 3 percent last year to 44.0 Moz, appears to have stabilized, with renewed interest in various photographic applications utilizing silver, only falling marginally over the last few years.
Silver Jewelry and Silverware Demand
Silver jewelry demand moved 2 percent higher in 2017 to 209.1 Moz. India was chiefly responsible for the gain, rising 7 percent over 2016 volumes. Demand also picked up strongly in North America, with the United States posting a 12 percent rise to an all-time high. Global demand for silverware jumped by 12 percent last year to 58.4 Moz, led by a strong recovery in demand from India, which experienced a 19 percent increase. North America also posted solid gains, rising 5 percent to 1.6 Moz.
Silver Supply
Global silver mine production fell by 4.1 percent in 2017, experiencing its second consecutive annual decline to record 852.1 Moz. The decline was mainly credited to a series of supply disruptions across the Americas. Another leading factor in the drop was due to the primary silver and gold sectors, where production fell by a combined 29.4 Moz. Of the key producing countries, Peru and China registered subtle dips, followed by more acute losses in Australia and Argentina. Offsetting those losses was higher output from Mexico, which was once again the world's top silver producing country, trailed by Peru, China, Russia and Chile.
Supply from primary silver mines decreased by 9 percent in 2017 to contribute 28 percent of total mine supply. The lead/zinc sector contributed 36 percent of by-product output, followed by copper at 23 percent and gold at 12 percent.
Silver scrap supply fell to 138.1 Moz, marking its sixth successive yearly decline.  Lower scrap flows from Asia, mainly China, driven by a lack of incentives from both suppliers and consumers to recycle their valuables, is chiefly responsible for the fall. Supply from the western world was marginally higher, driven by increased volumes from the United States and Europe.
Above-ground stocks rose 3 percent last year. Of the four exchanges that report silver stocks, three saw total silver inventory growth of 2 percent in 2017; COMEX in the United States, the SHFE and the SGE in China. In contrast, silver inventories held at TOCOM declined dramatically by 98 percent, driven by strong industrial demand in Japan.
GFMS reports that government sales of silver were once again absent from the silver market in 2017. Lastly, in the supply category, the delta-adjusted hedge book inched higher by 1.4 Moz, ending last year at 21.5 Moz.
Silver Price and Investment
The annual average silver price fell by a slight 0.5 percent to $17.05/oz last year, with prices trading in a $15.22/oz - $18.56/oz range.  That said, last year's average silver price represents an 8.7 percent increase over the average posted just two years ago of $15.68/oz. 
Identifiable investment, which consists of net-physical bar investment, coins and medals purchased, and net-changes to exchange traded product (ETP) holdings, reached 153.5 Moz in 2017 a 40 percent decline from the previous year. This was primarily the result of a 35 percent decline in coin and medal fabrication, led by lower demand in the United States, Canada and China. Physical bar demand slipped by 16 percent last year. 
In contrast, total global ETP holdings increased by 2.4 Moz to finish 2017 at 669.8 Moz. In value terms, total ETP holdings increased 4 percent to $11.3 billion, as the silver price advanced throughout the year.
About the World Silver Survey, the Silver Institute and Survey Ordering Information
The Silver Institute has published this annual report on the global silver market since 1990, to bring dependable supply and demand statistics to market participants and the public.The 28th edition of the Silver Institute's World Silver Survey was independently researched and compiled by the GFMS team at Thomson Reuters. World Silver Survey 2018 was sponsored by 20 companies and organizations from North and South America, Europe and Asia. 

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Coagulation & Conglomeration 07/04/2018

It has been that week for realising that your are thinly spread , to now come back to a few main shares .
Every so often one needs to reassess how to reach one`s goals .

  Aortech International    6K
  Accrol Holdings            4K
  Crawshaw                     3K
  BSP                               3K

Bill & his Aortech adventure must be due for news of his spin offs within the coming months .
Accrol seems to have a buyer in the background , Jeesr .
Crawford ditto . But , As yet unnamed .
BSP breaking out nicely towards £10 million pounds MCAP .

Have a great week All

Friday, 30 March 2018

Making YOU Money Easter 2018

Hello Investor Folk !
Change of direction as new shares are bought into the fund.
new list ;

  Arian Silver   4K
  Aortech Int    4K
  Accrol            3K
  Akers              2K
  Crawshaw      1K
  IIP                  1K
  Others            1K

We shall keep under the ten shares in total . the others are two at present.
Off market shares do not count  ie BSP etc are just funds waiting to be realised ,one hopes .

As for the weeks ahead . I am happy with my current list . Of course one should always strive for more . Slowly slowly we are reaching Our 20K target . As long as the market does behave , good prospects lie ahead .
As for the market , yes there are actually overvalued /undervalued shares out there . My feeling is that the spread is back towards even .
The underlying bull trend remains until 2034. bbr391

   Happy Easter !

An addendum for Steve . As Jeesr have their head above the parapet concerning Accrol . One should be very confident that an offer is approaching .
On feels that Crawshaws will be taken over too .
Metro Baltic has nowt happening , legal wise this could be a couple of years yet until final settlement
is achieved .
Churchill & Oxus plod on as well ....................